The Maldives National Journal of Research (MNJR) is the official research journal of the Maldives National University. MNJR is a multidisciplinary journal of research in all disciplines relevant to the Maldives. Although in the coming years, it is expected that this journal will evolve into specialist journals in various disciplines; this first one is generalist in nature. The journal publishes research articles, literature reviews, book reviews, comments, opinion and perspectives.

The justification for publishing a journal arises from the need to create and disseminate knowledge — an objective enshrined in the MNU Act. It is unlikely that our staff and students are able to access international journals of repute for publishing their research and studies.The journal will be available both on paper and in digital forms. Paper-based journals still have a permanence rarely achieved by digital editions. The objectives of the journal are:

to promote research and scholarly enquiry,
to provide a vehicle for publication of student and staff research,
to report opinion and commentary on social, economic and political developments of the country,
to publish position papers, criticisms on papers published in the journal or issues of general interest to the university or the nation,
to review books, magazines, articles, movies and other artistic or scholarly creations, and
to contribute to the progress in education and learning.