Doctoral Symposium

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The aim of the doctoral symposium is to promote intellectual interaction with other PhD students and renowned and experienced researchers from around the world. The students would gain knowledge and confidence by discussing their ongoing research. The mechanism is simple:

PhD students should submit their paper (4 pages for technical contents and 1 page for references) related to their ongoing research. The program committee will review the submissions, deciding upon the acceptance or rejection of the papers. Accepted papers will be discussed in an oral or poster session.

The best 5 submissions will be recognized at the conference.


The Doctoral Symposium will also take place during the main conference.

For each accepted oral paper, the student should present a summary of his/her dissertation research to a panel of experts. After that, the panelists and audience will ask questions from the PhD student and provide constructive advice and suggestions.

All PhD students can participate in the symposium. Students who are at the end their PhD should strive to submit a paper at the main conference.

Apart from the paper, a doctoral student who wants to submit a paper for the Doctoral Symposium should submit:

  1. Abstract

Refer to the abstract guidelines

Abstract Guidelines

  1. Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation from the student’s PhD advisor, verifying:

  • The student status of the applicant
  • The expected date of thesis defense