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MNU Research Grants Application

Financial Support Form
Financial Support form_Conference 2017 form

Things to be submitted with this form:

  • Proof of acceptance for conference/publication
  • Details of conference/publication
  • Budget details
  • Abstract

Please submit a hard copy of the application to Research Centre

 Ethics Policy

Please submit a hard copy of the application to Research Centre

Members of MNU Research Ethics Committee

Ms. Aishath Shaheen (Chair)

Dr. Raheema Abdul Raheem (Internal member)

Dr. Shazla Mohamed (Internal member)

Dr. Shehenaz Adam (External member)

Dr. Ibrahim Zakariyya (External member)

Dr. Mariyam Suzana (Internal member)

Dr. Mohamed Zahir (Internal member)

Sheikh Ali Zahir (Internal member)

Ilmee Fovahi

 Ilmee Fovahi 2014

Researchers’ Lunch

Researchers’ Lunch 2016

Researchers’ Lunch 1
Presented by Dr. Muaviath Mohamed – Deputy Vice Chancellor of MNU

“Optimization of Renewable Energy Penetration in Distributed Power Generation Systems”

Researcher’s Lunch 2

Presented byDr. Shazla Mohamed – Faculty of Science

“Is Maldive Fish safe for consumption”

Researcher’s Lunch 3

Presented by Dr. Rhonda Di Biase

“Investigating active learning reform in the Small State of the Maldives: What works and under what circumstances?”
Researcher’s Lunch 4
Presented by Ms. Fathimath Shadiya

“The untold story of coir rope making women of Kulhudhuffushi”

Researchers’ Lunch 2017

Researcher’s Lunch 1

Presented by Ms. Salma Hassan – Faculty of Health Sciences

” Clinical Learning Environment: Experience of Maldivian Nursing Students”

Researcher’s Lunch 2

Presented by Mr. Somnath Chaudhuri – Faculty of Science

” Geospatial Mashups: Internet Based Promotional Tool for Tourism Development “

Researcher’s Lunch 3

Presented by Dr. Naashia Mohamed – Faculty of Arts

“Teacher Feedback on Student Writing: student perceptions regarding current school practice”

Researcher’s Lunch 4

Presented by Dr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Rahman – Faculty of Shari’a and Law

” The work of Maldivian religious scholars to translate and  produce a thafseer of the Holy Quran “

Researcher’s Lunch 5

Presented by Ms. Azeeza Afeef – Faculty of Arts

” Dhivehi bahuge ilmuge therein lafuzu furolhun (derivation) ”

Researcher’s Lunch 6

Presented by Mr. Ahmed Fariz Nizaar – Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Does Disaster Rehabilitation work in Maldives? The suitability of permanent housing units provided to the victims of the boxing day Tsunami on Kolhufushi island”

Researcher’s Lunch 7

Presented by Dr. Abdulla Jameel – Faculty of Sharia’h and Law

 The efforts of Imam Prince Qannuji in the Sunnah and its Sciences. An analytic critical study”

Researcher’s Lunch 8

Presented by Dr. Mohamed Mursaleen- Faculty of Islamic Studies

 Women’s rights and her equality  to men in women’s feminist movements: A critical study in the light of the Holy Quran”

Researcher’s Lunch 9

Presented by Dr. Saudullah Ali – Student Service

 Preserving cultural identity through islamization of education: Implications for Muslim higher education institutions”